Amsterdam is busy all year round. But some parts of the year are extra special. Did you know Amsterdam used to have a Cannabis Liberation Day? Unfortunately for you stoners, not anymore. But we still have some other amazing events coming up. Did you ever hear about the Amsterdam Light Festival which is coming up very soon? Check out the list below and browse trough some of the events we love. 

New Year’s Eve

Did you know you’re allowed to buy and light up fireworks yourself? It’s absolute madness! The city of Amsterdam organizes a big fireworks show themself as well, very special. On New Year’s Eve we cruise until … New Year’s Day we are back to our regular times. The Smokeboat is the perfect pre- or afterparty.

King’s Day

The idea is simple. It’s the birthday of our king. What to imagine? Craziness. The entire city is a big flee market. The canals are loaded with boats. Both commercial and private. Every street corner will have a party.

Pride 2020

During Pride we celebrate that everyone is equal and you can be whoever you want to be. One of the highlights is the Canal Parade. 80 boats go over the channels and the whole city is partying.