UPDATE COVID! Starting from Sunday 28 November we are only allowed to sail till 17:00 o’clock. So after 17:00 o’clock there are no more Smoke boat tours. Until further notice, so keep an eye on our website. 

We are trying to do our upmost best to keep everyone safe and healthy and fort his reason we have a set of extra house rules (based on the advices & rules of the Dutch RIVM).

  1. Make sure to have a QR code if you want to join one of our tours.
  2. Stay home and reschedule if you or a family member have any symptoms of the coronavirus.
  3. Keep distance on the dock to others and staff.
  4. Please wear a mask entering the boat, you can take this of when your QR code is checked and when you are seated.
  5. We got disinfect on every boat.
  6. Follow the instructions of our crew.